Will this car shade fit my car? 

All of our car shades are 19.5" tall and pull out to a maximum width of 55" for a one size fits most design. Based on the location of your rearview mirror, you may have to play with the placement of your car shade.

Does this car shade attach on the inside or outside of my car?

The inside! Our car shades are tool cool to leave on the outside of your car...someone might walk away with it! However, the suction cups are reversible, so if you really wanted to attach it to the outside of your car you could. We've also had customers attach their car shades to glass doors and windows at work. The possibilities are endless!

Help! My car shade is sagging in the middle. 

That's what she said?...Most windshields are curved, so you might have to play around with the suction cup placement to prevent the car shade from sagging in the middle. It also helps to pull down both sun visors in your car to help support the car shade.

Help! The suction cups won't stay in place.

Before applying the suction cups, make sure to clean the inside of your windshield with Windex and paper towels. We find that it also helps if the suction cups are slightly damp when applying.

I don't see my school. Do you carry any other colleges?

At this time, the car shades on our website are all the schools we offer. However, we are currently working with our license partners to add new schools to our college collection. Send us an email at customerservice@roloshades.com and let us know what schools we should add!

How do you handle returns?

Please visit https://roloshades.com/pages/returns for detailed instructions on how to return an order.

Can I order a custom car shade?

We do offer custom car shades. Please visit https://roloshades.com/pages/custom-logo-program for more information. Minimum order quantities do apply.

How can I contact you?

We're always available. Feel free to reach us at customerservice@roloshades.com