About us

After years of fumbling and folding those bulky, boring car shades, we decided it was time for a good looking, compact and easy-to-use car shade!


The ROLO carshade is
•    custom
•    convenient
•    compact

But even COOLER than that, Use it everyday to show off your favorite Team, express your Patriotism or to add a little extra privacy when parked.

The ROLO carshade easily attaches to your car windshield with powerful, heat-resistant suction cups.
•    Protect your dashboard
•    Provide extra privacy
•    Show your Patriotism or Team Spirit

USE the ROLO carshade to provide promotional incentive, for your Car Dealership, School, or business!


The ROLO carshade is made from a PATENTED self-rolling material. We use only high-quality Ultra-Violet (UV) inks and a silver reflective material to help shade your vehicle interior when exposed to sunlight.   ARE YOU SERIOUS? I CAN LEAVE THE CAR SHADE ON MY WINDSHIELD? YES INDEED! One of the best features of the ROLO carshade is that it can remain on your windshield while driving. *Obey all local and State Laws regarding the attachment of objects on vehicles during operation. Currently, one-size fits most windshields.

DID YOU KNOW you don't need to cover your entire windshield to protect your dash and cool your car?… you do now!